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Beste klanten,

Tijdens de maand maart hebben wij enkel nog 1 tafel beschikbaar op 18 maart en 1 tafel beschikbaar op 25 maart.
Eerstvolgende vrije plaatsen pas vanaf april.

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from 26 May to 13 July

Pumpernickel - fresh cheese Melkerhei - radish - hand peeled shrimp - vinaigrette caviar


Haddock - zucchini flower - leek and cedrate coulis


** Tart of European lobster - elderflower - vanilla


* Sweetbread Jos Theys - morels - peas


Young pigeon from Anjou - rhubarb - rose petals


Raspberry - cream surprise - granité - puff pastry

4 courses €80
*5 courses €100
**6 courses €120

Cheese instead of dessert + €10
Cheese as extra course + €1

Pairing wines €32 - *€40 - **€48
Pairing wines (bob) €24 - *€30 - **€36
Pairing beers €24 - *€30 - **€36
Pairing Non-alcoholic drinks €20 - *€25 - **€30

We also have an a la carte wine list.

If you have any questions regarding allergens, the chef will be happy to answer them.
The composition of the dishes may change.

Chef Bart Tastenhoye is very active with local products since 2015 as NorthSeaChef,
one of the reasons why his kitchen gets the description as product kitchen
and expands even more as an ambassador for KortomLeuven, to enter into partnerships with local farms.
These will appear more and more in the description of the tasting menu,
because they also deserve to be put in the spotlight.

Thank you for your understanding, we are closed at midnight 00h.

If you have any questions about allergens, the chef will be happy to answer them for you.

The composition of the dishes may change.
Thank you in advance for your understanding,

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